Turning Point Ranch

Praising His Name! יהוה HalleluYah!


Turning Point Ranch is a family endeavor striving for purity of heart, mind, body and soul.  We are located in North Central Texas and utilize the solitude and natural wealth of the land that our Heavenly Father gave us. 

The fresh air, sparkling water, fertile soil, pristine beauty, and immense solitude make Turning Point Ranch a spiritual "Garden of Eden" which is an ideal place to live, raise a family, and to mature spiritually without the threat of Global Warming

We raise food naturally without genetic modification, chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics as our Creator intended.  We work to eat, but our focus is being an example to encourage true believers to walk by faith according to Scripture. We are watchmen who call believers to forsake pagan  religious practices to serve in spirit and truth.

We limit outside interface to shelter ourselves and our children from the evil of the world. 

The general public has been misled by "scholars, experts, and authorities" who promote their agendas with generally accepted opinions, known as "conventional wisdom".  

"Scholars, experts, and authorities" allow their conventional wisdom biases to lead them to preconceived conclusions.  This is due to incorrect initial assumptions. 

Basic premises and assumptions must be proven first.  Only then can an orderly progression be made to arrive at the truth.  For example, circumnavigation of the world was not possible until the conventional wisdom of a "flat earth" was discarded.

Correction of wrong basic assumptions and a genuine love of truth is necessary.  This alleviates the need for illogical and/or convoluted explanations necessary to support preconceived conclusions as is common in mainstream christian doctrines.   


Turning Point Ranch    P.O. Box 892   Proctor, TX  76468